Welcome to your personalized content platform

Draw® let you to create interactive and personalized
landing pages
and emails and improve your communications with
impressive content your customers will love.

Design content

Draw® visual content designer helps you to create templates and personalized content within minutes.

Publish shortlinks

Publish your content, create landing shortlinks and emails for your communications. Use Draw® API to create shortlinks in real-time based on your customers behavior!

Track activities

Track your content activities & events in real-time with interactive charts. Subscribe on your content events and react on customers behavior!

Focused on your business

On premise

Draw® backend & frontend components can be installed on your hardware to provide private service for your customers.

Please contact us for hardware & pricing details.

In the cloud

You can start proof of concept with our public cloud to check how Draw® can help your business with personalized content.

Public cloud functionality has some limitations.

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